The Mane Choice


I had the opportunity to submit a web redesign and graphic to the CEO of The Mane Choice, Courtney Adeleye. The Mane Choice is a natural hair company that was built on the foundation of research and the "beauty, health, science" approach. 

For the web redesign, I decided to give the home page a modern facelift by brightening up the surface with muted hues of purple and white and using sans serif fonts along with a scripted one to add balance. I rearranged the structure of the page to highlight the product collections outside of the homepage banner. The graphics for the product collections are all very unique and separate from the branding of the company, so I decided to add a slide-out feature that will show the graphic upon hovering over that collection. Another feature I wanted to add was a place to showcase the different faces of The Mane Choice to show that the company is appreciative of their many supporters. Some of my final touches include the action icons at the header and footer to clear up space and provide a memorable image to associate with the action, and a simple "love note" from The Mane Choice founder, Courtney Adeleye, at the footer. 

For the graphic, I wanted to showcase Ms. Courtney's unique and extravagant sense of style in a digital form. I took some of her most memorable outfits and brought them into Adobe Illustrator where I used the pen tool to outline and recreate the outfits into simple shapes and colors. I also used the Image Trace to grab some of the intricate details of her outfits and to keep some of the originality from the photos.

PROGRAM(s): Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop