The Washington, D.C. Chapter of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) is one of the oldest and largest chapters of NCMA. The chapter draws on leading figures in government, industry, politics, and academia to engage in emerging acquisition topics. 

NCMA DC contracted my team to help in the redesign of their website which would help better engage with existing members, increase membership, and enhance the image of the chapter. The project consisted of analyzing the sitemap, building wireframes and mockups, bi-weekly meetings, project progress presentations, and constant communication between myself and the client.



My process for organizing the website was to reduce the number of pages and consolidate information.


For example, they had 4 pages with membership information that I consolidated into 1 page to reduce the number of clicks the end-user would have to make to find information on how to become a member.

Another proposed change was to reduce the number of times a certain page is referenced in the navigation. The "Member Spotlight" page was located in 2 sub-menus, I left it under the "Recognition" sub-menu as a more logical category to be in but still placed a link to it from the main "Membership" page.

The goal for the website was for it to have a more modern, approachable look. This included adding high-quality images, call-to-action buttons, informational widgets, etc.

The proposed wireframes show a rotating banner, a "welcome message", the latest news from the chapter, and their event widget. I also showed how I would rearrange the Membership page which is a combination of 3 pages, to better organize the information that is pertinent to inquiring future members.


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