Here are samples of social media marketing material I have created using a variety of apps on my phone (InShot, Over, StoryLuxe, UnFold, etc)

*sound can be turned on by hovering over the video and clicking the icon on the bottom right


I like creating visuals to tell my followers a story based on an activity I am doing or something I experienced that would interest them.

Documenting a short trip to the beach in Pensacola, FL.

*Created with InShot

Documenting a new nail salon experience in Philadelphia, PA.

*Created with InShot

Documenting a new black-owned beauty salon experience in Philadelphia, PA.

*Created with InShot


Along with being a graphic and web designer, I also have a YouTube channel where I create videos focused on hair and lifestyle content. I enjoy creating content that will market these areas of my life and make people interested in working with me or engage with my content.

Documenting the variety of hair changes I have made in the year 2019.

Created with SCRL & Over

Advertising a Labor Day sale for t-shirts I designed for my university homecoming.

Created with Over

Notifying my followers of new content I am posting on my YouTube channel

Created with Over


I love teaching people new things; weather it's a recipe, a hairstyle, a language, or just something about myself.

Teaching my followers how to make a very easy and delicious chicken tacos.

Created with UnFold

Sharing with my followers how I am teaching my partner Spanish.

Created with StoryLuxe

Sharing my fitness journey while including some information for those looking for motivation.

Created with UnFold

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